DVD Box Set, PAL 4:3: Region Free

Richard D. Hall taps into the opinions of the experts for this new series. Best selling author/UFO investigator Timothy Good, Detective Constable/UFO researcher Gary Heseltine and conspiracy expert David Boyle.

Programme 1 – UFOs 2 The first programme examines the physics behind anti-gravity and also discusses water tight UFO cases spanning many decades.

Programme 2 – The UFO Cover Up Richard D. Hall attempts to get to the bottom of the alleged UFO cover up with the help of UFO researcher Tim Good and Detective Constable Gary Heseltine. Who are the real orchestrators of the cover up?, When did it all start?, and, What are the reasons behind the secrecy?

Programme 3 – The Illuminati Just how democratic is the world in which we live? Perhaps not at all? The Illuminati are a group which some say covertly control the Earth and are possibly receiving their orders from alien beings, Richard D. Hall investigates.

Programme 4 – UFO Disclosure 2 Examining the Disclosure movement and the likelihood of it happening. Richard D. Hall asks Tim Good and Gary Heseltine their opinions on whether our government will admit what they know about aliens and UFOs.

Programme 5 – Alien Ancestors If aliens are visiting the Earth now, it is perfectly plausible that they have done so for many millennia. Not only that, some say that our genetics have been tinkered with in the past by intelligent species from other worlds, Richard D. Hall investigates.

Programme 6 – Alien Abduction 2 Richard D. Hall’s series continues with a discussion on the alien abduction phenomenon. Gary Heseltine describes the Alan Godfrey abduction of 1980, and Tim Good explains what he believes is the purpose of aliens abducting humans from Earth.

Total Running Time : 2 hours 30 mins


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