DVD Box Set, PAL 4:3 Region Free

Programme 1 - UFO Disclosure. The first episode investigates the Disclosure Project, an organisation which has been trying to persuade the American government to reveal the truth to the people. Also, what did U.S. presidents since the war know about UFOs. WATCH THIS

Programme 2 - UFOs. Detailed explanation of how anti-gravity UFO craft operate. These machines are like no other type of aircraft. Richard D. Hall explains their operation in a way that everyone can understand.

Programme 3 - Alien Abduction. Richard describes the incredible Travis Walton abduction and talks to abduction researcher Derrel Simms. Also revealed in this episode, what is contained inside an alien implant? and what may they be used for?

Programme 4 - Aliens. Detailed descriptions of seven different races of aliens believed to have visited Earth. What do they look like? Where do they come from? How do they behave? And, Would you invite one home to meet your mother?

Programme 5 - The Gateshead Grey. This full length documentary follows the amazing story of Robert Hall who was abducted by aliens in 1940 in Gateshead. Richard D. Hall (no relation) searches for answers and evidence in this incredible case.

Programme 6 - UFO Politics. Why are politicians un-interested in the most important subject yet to face mankind? Richard D. Hall goes on a journey to try to find out. When will our government come clean and tell the people of the UK what they know?

Total Running Time : 3 hours (approx)


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