• 2015/16 Series - 12 Shows
Screened from November 2015 to January 2016, this series includes many regular guests.  Gary McKinnon gives a detailed account of what he saw when he accessed secret NASA and military files.  Richard D. Hall and David Cayton report in detail on a recent animal mutilation case from Leicestershire.  Gary Heseltine reports on his work in the UFO field.  Andrew Johnson gives an update on his latest research into 9/11 and crop circles, and also sets out a new theory on how the Earth may have formed.  Neil Sanders gives an insight into social media and illustrates that Facebook could be a psychological manipulation and information gathering tool being used and funded by the CIA.  Carl James sheds light on Stanley Kubrick’s alleged role in filming the faked moon landings.  This series also includes a lecture given by Richard at the Holmfirth UFO Conference covering the mysterious Lincolnshire Triangle.

Running Time : 9 1/2 hours

Region Free DVDs, PAL 16:9.

2015/16 Series - 12 Shows

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