• 2015 Series - 12 Shows
Running time 9 hours 12 minutes

As seen on Sky 192, January 2015 to March 2015

This box set contains 12 Richplanet TV shows featuring over 9 hours of ground breaking evidence based research.  Casting a highly sceptical eye on NASA’s Mars Rover missions we present evidence which may suggest the Rovers did not leave the Earth.  We also discuss why such hoaxes might be being carried out.  We explore evidence of a secret space programme, which NASA may be being used to divert attention away from.  Is there any evidence behind claims that there may be an ancient alien satellite in orbit around the Earth?  Max Burns brings us up to date on the Sheffield flying triangle incident and we present an update on the Richplanet film “UFO’s and NATO”.  Neil  Sanders, Andrew Johnson and many other guests in this 12 episode box set. 

Programme 1 The Mars Rover Hypothesis - Part 1
Programme 2 The Mars Rover Hypothesis - Part 2
Programme 3 The Secret Space Programme
Programme 4 The Aldebaran Project - Derek Willis
Programme 5 Hidden History of Physics - Roger Anderton
Programme 6 Silent Killers in Sussex
Programme 7 UFO's & NATO - Human Mutilations - An Update
Programme 8 UK UFO Sightings
Programme 9 UK UFO Sightings & David Cayton
Programme 10 Neil Sanders talks about Drugs
Programme 11 The Sheffield UFO Incident - Max Burns
Programme 12 The Richplanet Energy Research Project

Region Free DVDs, PAL 16:9.

2015 Series - 12 Shows

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