• Silent Killers

Filmed in 2009, DVD PAL 4:3

Richard D. Hall tackles the controversial subject of animal mutilation. What is animal mutilation? What could be causing it? Compelling, chilling and thought provoking documentary which could change your entire view of planet Earth.

The film follows the work of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, a U.K. organisation who investigate un-explained animal deaths with the intention of finding a plausible explanation.  David Cayton, Phil Hoyle and Mike Freebury share their experiences of years of investigation into this phenomenon.  Also exposed in this film is evidence that our U.K. government does not want this information out into the public domain.  They attempt to cover up the issue on a daily basis.

David Cayton has visited the scenes of many mutilated animals and photographed the evidence.  His investigation of these incidents is extremely thorough, backed up by photographs and the assistance of a qualified pathologist.  The material in this DVD shows detailed images of mutilated animals which some viewers may find distressing.  Learn the real truth, a truth which our government does not want its people to know about.

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes

Silent Killers

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