• 2020 Tour 2 DVD Box Set

Filmed in house in March 2020, Format PAL 16:9, Region Free.

Richard D. Hall presents 3 hours of lectures on a range of subjects.

The April 2020 UK tour was replaced with a ‘virtual’ tour due to measures imposed on society. This years lecture was recorded at the end of March 2020, and more has come to light about the COVID scam since then. In the lecture, Richard launches a book and film covering the 2017 Manchester Arena incident. A considerable amount of new information is revealed and analysis of some of the witnesses is undertaken.

Developments continue to unravel with regards the reported killing of MP Jo Cox and the innocent man who was allegedly convicted of her ‘murder’. An update on new developments in this case is also covered.

In part 2, some statement analysis is carried out by Peter Hyatt on Bob Lazar, the man who claimed to have worked at area 51 on flying  disc technology. Was Lazar truthful? A number of other
topics are covered including the Rendlesham forest ‘UFO’ claims,and as usual Richard tries to bring some humour to these challenging topics.

Running Time : 165 minutes, Format : PAL 16:9, Region Free, Seperate disk contains MP4 1280x720.

2020 Tour 2 DVD Box Set

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