• 2019 Tour 3 DVD Box Set

Filmed in Birmingham, 12th April 2019, Format PAL 16:9, Region Free.

Richard D. Hall presents 3 hours of lectures on a range of subjects.

In part one Richard gives some opinions and observations on Brexit.  After revealing Jo Cox's possible involvement in the Panama papers leak, Richard explores this issue further by considering the John Doe statement.  Richplanet launched a campaign in January 2019 to bring attention to MP's the evidence surrounding the Jo Cox "assassination".  Richard reports on this campaign and gives feedback he has had from MPs and exposes a media psy op to obfuscate the Jo Cox evidence.  

Richard has been collaborating with a prominent researcher into the 2017 Manchester Arena "terrorist" attack.  Exposing detailed forensic evidence which proves that the so called Manchester attack was merely a drill, which was actually practised by the participants several hours before the bang occurred.

In part 2 Richard reviews a vast amount of evidence relating to the animal mutilation phenomenon, and attempts to define what is actually happening.  Once this is defined we can then consider how are these events happening and who the perpetrators may be.  A very critical look at the cat mutilation phenomenon is also presented.

Approx Running Time : 3 hours (approx)
Not suitable for under 18's

2019 Tour 3 DVD Box Set

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