• 2014 Tour 3 DVD Box Set

Filmed in Cwmbran, March 5th 2013, Format PAL: 16:9, Region Free

In this 3 DVD box set Richard seeks to expose some of the perfidious practices going on behind the scenes by the cowards who use phoney front men to carry out their agenda. Starting by analysing some of the video evidence of the so called “planes” on 9/11.  After watching this section it is inescapable that real aeroplanes did not impact into the world trade centres.  Advanced technologies were employed both with the disappearance of the twin towers and with the illusions we were presented with on our TV screens.  Richard argues that mainstream media is currently being used to carry out a number of soviet style subversion techniques with the intention of demoralising society to make it impotent and unable to oppose the agendas being carried out.  We look at an alternative theory behind the current “fracking” debate which might raise an eyebrow or two.  Analysis of UK “lone gunman” mass shootings including the Cumbria massacre.   We expose that Derrick Bird, a taxi driver, who is alleged to have killed 12 people was probably not acting alone that day and Richard presents evidence that shows this was probably a contrived event, no surprise there! – Richard is then insulted by the coroner who claims he is “not a proper person”.

In part two we show compelling evidence that King Arthur was not only a real person,  but that he was a South Wales King and also explain the difficulties getting historical truths accepted by the establishment.  Finally a resume of Richplanet TV’s latest film

“UFOs and NATO – The Human Mutilation Cover Up”.  

Much new research is included in this DVD, across  several different subjects.  This is research which the impotent  mainstream media will not cover.

Approx Running Time : 160 minutes

2014 Tour 3 DVD Box Set

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