• 2013 Tour 2 DVD Box Set
Filmed in Southampton, May 29th 2013, Format PAL: 16:9, Region Free

In part one Richard addresses the 9/11 cover up. The cover up has involved far more than just keeping the reality of what happened out of mainstream media, this has been merely one element of it. The second part of the 9/11 cover up has involved "dealing with" the truth movement. It seems they foresaw that a large body of people would not believe this phony event. Rather than just leaving this body to campaign, instead intelligence agencies took control of them by setting up their own phony campaigns and 9/11 truth groups using phony front men. The reason for doing this was to steer those groups expressing doubt over the official story towards conventional explanations of the destruction of the towers. This was done in order to maintain the secrecy of the technology that was used to destroy the towers.

Also described in this DVD is a summary of the problems in our mainstream media and some of the techniques they use to control the masses via tightly controlled perception management organisations (ie News organisations).

The economy is regularly discussed on mainstream TV. But it is done so using the "phony bone of contention". This involves setting the ideas or "poles" in a discussion within a loaded question so that the realm of the debate stays within set ideas - usually flawed ideas. Thus, these discussions always fail to mention the real reasons for the national debt. Question time is prime example of a mainstream TV show that uses the "phony bone of contention" to control their so called debates.

In the final part Richard presents all the evidence and testimony from his new film "Almost Identified Flying Objects".

Approx Running Time : 140 minutes

2013 Tour 2 DVD Box Set

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