• 2012 Tour 4 DVD Box Set
Filmed in Gateshead, September 29th 2012, Format PAL: 4:3, Region Free

In the final leg of Richard D. Hall's 2012 talks, this box set covers the 14th event of the UK & Ireland tour, filmed in Gateshead, in which many issues are covered.

In part 1 Richard exposes the methods our corrupt mainstream media use to trick and con the public and thus manage their perceptions. Reporting "The truth" is not the purpose or intention of any mainstream news organisation, which Richard clearly demonstrates.

In part 2 the story of forensic historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett is laid bare for all to see. Northumbria Police have perverted the course of justice in an alleged attempted murder investigation, but this is just the tip of an iceberg of state corruption. The reasons why these historians have been targeted by a corrupt state, and the catalogue of incidents perpetrated against them demonstrates beyond doubt that dark forces lurk behind our puppet government. In part 3 - the disturbing subject known as mind control. Richard discusses certain individuals who he believes were "Manchurian candidates " or mind programmed killers. Looking into the Raoul Moat shootings of 2010, the evidence and circumstances strongly suggest Moat was a programmed killer, with PC David Rathband being the actual "target". Sounds far fetched? Not after you have watched the talk and considered the evidence.

In the final DVD Richard investigates the case of 1,500 missing sheep which disappeared in September 2011 from a single field, on a single night in a remote part of Lincolnshire. This area is coincidentally a hot spot of UFO activity. The investigation shows very clearly that the conventional explanation provided by mainstream media of "sheep rustling" is very unlikely, something which they do not allow into their watered down, pathetic news reports.

Approx Running Time : 220 minutes

2012 Tour 4 DVD Box Set

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