• 2010 The Debt Based Economy Con
Filmed in 2010, TWO DVD BOX SET, PAL 4:3 Region Free

Filmed in Newcastle Upon Tyne at The Bridge Hotel, this 50 minute talk challenges the current financial system. Much of the television and media debate about the economy simply asks how can we deal with the deficit? The question which should be asked is, why does our system create a deficit and boom bust cycles? In order to search for answers to the important questions Richard goes back to basics and describes what money is for and illustrates that the current financial system is fundamentally flawed.

In part two we feature an hour long audience and panel discussion exploring the idea that our current system needs to be changed. Steve Campion, a successful North East Busninessman and Chartered Accountant gives his views on banking and the current economic crisis. Mark Cocking, an ex banker who has campaigned for years to get rid of the Bank of England also gives his views. Many of the views expressed in this DVD are rarely discussed on mainstream TV, as it is largely the bankers who also indirectly control media debates on this subject.

Approximate Running Time: 110 minutes

2010 The Debt Based Economy Con

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