• Not Awight - Getting Away With Murder

By Terry Lubbock & Tony Bennett

Phil Taylor, the Associate Editor of Britain's best-selling Sunday newspaper, described it as follows: "This book includes a damning dossier on how Essex Police bungled their £8 million investigation into how Stuart Lubbock died, and reveals the massive contradictions in the accounts witnesses gave of that night's events".

Tony Bennett ..

"My main conclusion after I sifted through all the police and other material I was allowed to see,  Stuart Lubbock was murdered, quite possibly gang-raped. He did not drown in the swimming pool that night. In fact, he didn't even enter the swimming pool that night, and neither did anyone else. The swimming pool cover was only opened after he died. The 'drowning' was a well-executed smokescreen."

Not Awight - Getting Away With Murder

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