• Silent Killers in Sussex
Filmed in 2010, DVD PAL 4:3

This film made in October 2010 follows the investigation of two researchers, David Cayton and Richard D. Hall into the strange sudden death and mutilation of a horse in East Sussex. The horse was a young fit 18 month hold gelding and exhibited surgical wounds on its body which were consistent with other cases being reported all around the world. This phenomenon goes back as far as at least 1967 and possibly earlier. These type of attacks are often put down to satanic cults or even secret military projects, but investigator David Cayton who has been studying cases since 1997 does not believe the evidence can be explained by conventional theories such as these. Battling against the obfuscation of the authorities and gathering evidence to try and piece together this bizarre mystery, some significant new evidence is brought under scrutiny in this chillinig film. A second film was produced about this phenomenon in 2009, called "Silent Killers" which examines the evidence from over a decade of research.

Approximate Running Time: 56 minuntes

Silent Killers in Sussex

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