• Richplanet TV - Show 171 - Tell Your MP About 7/7
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Tell Your MP About 7/7

In September 2012 Richard launched a campaign called, "Tell Your MP About 7/7" which encourages UK citizens to visit their MP and hand over documents about the London bombings of 2005. Mainstream media have grossly mis-reported the facts about the bombings. Detailed scrutiny of the evidence from a range of sources shows the men blamed were innocent and the real perpetrators are still at large. Evidence also suggests authorities had foreknowledge of the events and were therefore at some level complicit in the bombings. A classic false flag event with patsies who thought they were taking part in a terror drill. About 100 MP's have so far received the documents from constituents and in today's show Richard discusses MP's responses to the documents with researcher Dr. Nick Kollerstrom. He also sets out a strategy for the next part of this campaign.

Richplanet TV - Show 171 - Tell Your MP About 7/7

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