• Richplanet TV - Show 163 - John Hanson's Haunted Skies
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John Hanson's Haunted Skies

Retired police detective John Hanson has been researching and documenting UFO cases since the mid nineties. Together with his partner Dawn Holloway they are half way through writing a series of encyclopedias which represent the most comprehensive history of the UK UFO phenomenon. The book soon to be released focuses in on just one year, 1980. Two prominent cases are covered in great detail, they being the Alan Godfrey case and the Rendlesham forest incident. A great deal of new information is uncovered in these volumes which indicates the hard work John and Dawn have put in. In this weeks show we also feature a number of Richplanet UK UFO witnesses from Lincolnshire, Hailsham and Bedford. Details of John & Dawns books can be found at Amazon.com.

Richplanet TV - Show 163 - John Hanson's Haunted Skies

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