• Richplanet TV - Show 135 - Neil Sanders
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Fake power politics, and a woeful corrupt media

The Jimmy Saville "scandal" demonstrates quite clearly that the media in the UK is fully controlled by criminals. Do they really expect people to believe that knowledge of his crimes only came to light recently? The fact he was not exposed until now, but not while he was alive shows the complicity of the media in these crimes. But we should ask the question, why would our corrupt media expose any of this at all? Neil Sanders compares these recent sex "scandals" with numerous other sex rings/scandals and suggests that the intelligence agencies may have been controlling Saville. When did Phillip Schofield "grow a pair"? this is an expression I was not aware of until today. Meaning the whole Phillip Schofield confrontation of David Cameron was probably a planned contrived event with a hidden agenda. Believe nothing on mainstream, it is all lies and diversion.

Richplanet TV - Show 135 - Neil Sanders

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