• Richplanet TV - Show 075 - St. Bedes School
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UFOs, Aztec, Socorro, Rendlesham, Concorde

Richard was invited to speak to year 6 of St Bede's Primary School in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Part of their literacy coursework is to learn interview technique. They also learn how to write in different styles such as writing a journalistic report. The class chose the theme of "UFOs" to practice these writing techniques. In order to stimulate their minds, Richard accepted an offer to present some introductory information on the subject of Ufology to the class. This very real subject ought to be part of the national curriculum and one day will be. Part of that course will be the study of how a corrupt political system deceived the world and kept the most important information in history from the majority of the human race.

Richplanet TV - Show 075 - St. Bedes School

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