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Richard D. Hall meets up with UFO investigator David Cayton to catalogue some of his most interesting cases. Also in this series we travel down to Wales to try and identify a strange triangular object. Secret underground bases and a discussion about Ufologist John Lear are also explored.

Programme 1 – The Bristol Channel Triangle.  
A viewer of Richplanet.net contacted us with some information about a strange triangular object embedded in the mud flats on the Bristol Channel. After zooming in on the object using Google Earth we could not determine what it was. It appeared to be a 45 feet long very regular triangular object. We were so curious we decided to go down to Wales to find out what it was. Matters were not made pleasurable by the fact that the location was next to a sewage works.

Programme 2 – The Cayton UFO Files 1.  
Richard talks to veteran UFO investigator David Cayton. In this first of 3 shows, David explains his first experience involving a UFO when he was a photographer in the RAF stationed in Cyprus in the 1950's. Also discussed is a case where multiple witnesses watched a disc shaped craft at a UK power station above power lines, seemingly sucking energy out of the electricity grid. David worked alongside ex police sergant Tony Dodd at the Quest International UFO investigation unit.

Programme 3 – The John Lear Debate.  
John Lear is one of the most controversial figures in Ufology. In this hour long studio debate Richard D. Hall discussed some of Lears claims with UFO enthusiasts Ged Dunbar and Dale Bolton. Are there bases on the moon? What happened on 9/11? Is there a cure for aids? What is on Mars? all these issues covered and more in this studio discussion.<br> Warning: This is all very ''Bob Lazar''.

Programme 4 – The Cayton UFO Files 2.  
Fasten your seatbelt for the second installment of ''The Cayton Files''. UFO investigator David Cayton who leaves no stone unturned explains another UFO encounter involving power lines, this time actual beings were witnessed inside a sub station. Also discussed is the case involving the huge Lovell telescope, where a massive UFO was witnessed for a considerable period of time directly over the main radio dish. It is ironic to think that one of the tasks of this telescope is to search for extra-terrestrial life in the far reaches of our galaxy, when those very extra-terrestrials were possibly just yards away without their knowledge. Perhaps an embarrasing incident which they would rather keep quiet about.

Programme 5 – Underground Bases.  
There are many rumours about underground extra-terrestrial bases. In this show we look at some of Barry Kings claims, who states that there is an N.S.A. ran base underneath fields near the village of Peasemore. At this base, King claims that extra-terrestrials and the military are involved in a range of sinister activities under the watch of the N.S.A. We also look further afield at locations worldwide which are rumoured to house underground alien bases. Author Timothy Good claims there are many E.T. bases all over the world and that this is not something that governments can readily admit to.

Programme 6 – The Cayton UFO Files 3.  
In this third programme David describes two fascinating cases. Firstly the case of the Cheshire Triangles, and no he is not talking about cheese. Over a period of weeks multiple witnesses obeserved massive black triangular craft over the Cheshire countryside. Pilots too witnessed massive triangular shadows on the ground. One of the most controversial cases in Ufology is the Milton Torres case from 1957. Torres was ordered by the British Militarty to shoot down a UFO whic h had been seen on radar over the area of Ipswich. Milton explained that when he was given the coded order to shoot, he ''nearly shit his pants''.

Total Running Time : 180 mins


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