• 2017 Tour 4 DVD Box Set
Filmed in Merthyr Tydfil, 13th April 2017, Format PAL 16:9, Region Free.

Richard D. Hall presents 3 hours of lectures on a range of subjects. The lectures expose mainstream medias fake reality and how it creates fake news in order to hide the most important questions and facts. This includes an introduction to Richards latest Madeleine film "Madeleine : Why the Cover Up?", and some opinion on the sheer breadth to which mainstream media is being used to cover up the truth about Madeleine. A VERY big state secret must be being protected. The lectures contain some research into the Bridgend suicides with some shocking insights. Peter Hyatt surprises himself when he analyses a 1970 interview given by Neil Armstrong and his alleged experience of walking on the moon. Richard also continues with his research into NATO and its alleged involvement in the targeting of UFOs. Many other subjects and issues are discussed.

Also included is a light hearted film which follows the roadshow on its way around the country and the various eccentric characters we encounter.

Approx Running Time : 200 minutes
Not suitable for under 18's

2017 Tour 4 DVD Box Set

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