• 2016 Tour 3 DVD Box Set
Filmed in Merthyr Tydfil, February 2016, Format PAL: 16:9, Region Free

In this years speaking tour Richard asks how much of mainstream media is genuinely event driven and how much is agenda driven. There is evidence that even natural disaster stories, which mainstream media claim are strongly linked to global warming may in fact be pre-planned or 100% orchestrated events. This may sound crazy to those who have not examined the facts of the Cumbria floods which have occurred in 2005, 2009 and most recently in 2015. These floods should have been prevented, and Richard explores possible motives as to why the floods may have been allowed or even engineered.

Richplanet has covered the Madeleine McCann issue in great detail over the last two years and on this tour launched a third McCann documentary. As its title suggests, the film examines evidence to try and pinpoint the date when Madeleine McCann may have died. Richard gives an introduction to the new film and also shows how both money and power have been used in order to influence the "trial by media" which has been running for nine years.

In the second part of the presentation Richard looks at some interesting new developments concerning NASA's alleged Moon and Mars missions. Some people believe the moon landing film footage was filmed in a studio on Earth and that film director Stanley Kubrick was the man who advised NASA on how to do this and may have been involved in directing the recordings. Recent new information concerning the film "Capricorn One" seems to add weight to this argument. Also discussed is some new analysis on the Mars Rover mission images which again suggest the images may be being taken on the Earth, not on Mars as NASA claim.

Richard also describes recent developments in the latest animal mutilation investigation, in which the authorities and in particular the RSPCA have covered up information about the nature of an attack on a horse which included surgical procedures.

Approx Running Time : 180 minutes

Not suitable for under 18's

2016 Tour 3 DVD Box Set

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