• 2015 Tour 2 DVD Box Set
Filmed in Merthyr Tydfil, April 2015, Format PAL: 16:9, Region Free 

Filmed in April 2015 at Merthyr Tydfil, in this years speaking tour Richard attempts to uncover more of the hidden agenda which seems to be tightening its grip on society.  The most recent feature films from Richplanet are discussed in detail, which were both launched on this tour.  The first is an independent investigation into the 2010 Cumbria shootings, when an alleged lone gunman apparently killed 12 people on a rampage across west Cumbria.  The film uncovers much new evidence which points to an entirely different scenario and motive than was arrived at by the official inquest.  The second film is a further expose of the Madeleine McCann issue.  It seems mainstream media have created an Achilles heel with the “Madeleine” issue, due to their blatantly censored coverage of the story.  Richard demonstrates that we cannot, now, trust anything put out in our media. But it’s not just blatant lies and outright deceptions that mainstream media get up to, there are far more subtle and long term agendas of social engineering being played out.  Richard makes observations within popular culture, television, politics, law and education and compares what is going on in the UK today, with subversion and demoralisation techniques practiced in the 1950s and 60s by the Soviet Union on foreign nations.   The similarities are striking and obvious.  

In part two Richard talks about his campaigns to expose fabricated terror and also continues with the theme of subversion looking into the much hyped MH370 missing airliner.  By considering the geopolitical position of Malaysia on the world stage and also examining aircraft safety statistics Richard presents a compelling case that the MH370 “disaster” was probably a planned psychological operation with the intention of dealing with the rogue nation of Malaysia.

Finally Richard gives a brief summary of his research into NASAs alleged exploration of Mars using rovers and landers.  After airing programmes which cast a critical eye over the images supposedly taken from the surface of Mars, Richplanet was contacted by academics who tried to explain away all the evidence put forward in these programmes.  Richard also managed to make contact with a senior member of the Mars rover programme who agreed to answer technical questions about the missions, but then seemed to run away from the evidence failing to answer a list of twenty questions. 

Approx Running Time : 150 minutes

2015 Tour 2 DVD Box Set

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