• Interview - Roy Dutton
2 DVD Box Set, PAL 4:3, Region Free

Interview 1 - Astronautical Theory
In the first interview Roy explains step by step how he arrived at his theory that the earth is under surveillance by strange aerial craft. Roy's analysis correlates the time and location of thousands of UFO sightings and compares them with astronautical paths in space around the Earth. After years of analysis Roy has refined his model and can predict for particular locations when a UFO visitation is most likely.

Interview 2 - Crop Cirle & Other Research
Roy applies his mathematical mind to the evidence of crop circles. No other researcher has applied the techniques employed by Roy Dutton which prove that advanced technology is being used in the formation of genuine crop circles.

Roy also discusses the alien abduction programme and what it all means for humanity.

Total Running Time : 96 mins

Interview - Roy Dutton

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