• Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?

Made in 2017 By Richard D. Hall

2 Part DVD Film

Following on from his previous films about the Madeleine McCann mystery, Richard D. Hall attempts to tackle the most difficult questions of all. Assuming Madeleine died, which Richard firmly believes is the case, how did she die? and why was the death covered up with the help of British government agencies? This DVD box set consists of two 90 minute films.

The first film examines the movements of the initial suspect in the case, Robert Murat, both immediately before and after Madeleine was reported missing and attempts to shed light on whether he played a role in the cover up of Madeleine’s alleged death.

The second film looks at the various ways Madeleine McCann may have died and discusses a range of possible reasons why a cover up was ordered from the highest levels.  The films take the viewer as far as is feasibly  possible, using the available evidence, towards providing an explanation for the Madeleine McCann cover up.

Running Time : 2 hours 50 minutes (approx)
Format : PAL 16:9, Region Free,
 Note : This DVD is not suitable for under 18

Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?

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