• Didcot Deception, Jed Allen : Not Guilty
filmed in 2015 and 2016

Richard D. Hall's independent investigation into the Didcot murders.

The Didcot murders happened out of the blue on a Saturday afternoon on May 23, 2015. All four deaths occurred within the space of three hours. Three of the deaths occurred at a house in Didcot, then two hours later a fourth death occurred in a field in Oxford. As soon as the first story appeared in the media about the case, I knew something was not right with the circumstances and with the way the tragedy was being reported. There were no witnesses, nor was there a motive for any of the four deaths. Despite this, it did not take long before the media and the police were blaming one of the dead for the murder of the other three. From the very first news report, I suspected that Jed Allen was a patsy caught up in a much wider conspiracy. After studying the case and after attending the official inquest, my suspicion was greatly increased due to the wholly unsubstantial and unconvincing evidence that was presented. So I started carrying out an independent investigation into the case to try and find out what really happened. This film is a result of my investigation and sheds light on what most likely occurred. In June 2016 whilst visiting Didcot for a fourth time to carry out my final search for witnesses - I received an unexpected death threat. Was I getting too close to finding out what really happened?

Didcot Deception, Jed Allen : Not Guilty

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