• Buried By Mainstream Media - The Phantoms
Filmed in 2014/2015, DVD PAL 16:9, By Richard D. Hall

2 Part DVD Film

Following on from his earlier series of films about the Madeleine McCann mystery, Richard D. Hall examines in a level of detail never covered before in any TV documentary, the claims that Madeleine was abducted. Numerous sightings of a man were reported to the police on different dates following the disappearance. This film examines the credibility of these sightings by looking at police witness statements, media reports and other evidence. After a thorough and extensive examination of all this evidence, the most likely conclusion is laid bare for all to see. Once you have watched the documentary, your perception of mainstream media and establishment groups such as The BBC, The Cabinet Office, Scotland Yard and British Intelligence may well need a dramatic adjustment.

Running Time : 2 hours 55 minutes (approx) - Format : PAL 16:9, Region Free

Buried By Mainstream Media - The Phantoms

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