• BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA - The True Story of Madeleine McCann

Filmed in 2014, DVD PAL 16:9, By Richard D. Hall

4 Part DVD Film

The Madeleine McCann disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time. It has generated thousands of front page headlines in the UK press. Despite the unprecedented coverage, few people have any detailed understanding of the circumstantial and physical evidence of the case. The mainstream media has been used to create diversion and confusion over what really happened, rather than inform their readers about the facts.

The first film in this series, entitled “The Initial Storm” examines in a level of detail never described before in any TV documentary, the evidence of the first night when Madeleine is alleged to have disappeared.  The second film, “Dogs Don’t Lie”, reports on the  compelling findings of one of the worlds top sniffer dog handlers, Martin Grime, whose two dogs searched for scent at key locations in Praia Da Luz. The third film exposes the so called private investigations instigated by the McCanns, details of which have never been aired on TV before.  We reveal evidence and detailed testimony about the government agencies who were claiming to be searching for Madeleine or helping the McCanns, but was this really their agenda?  Our four  documentaries represent the most detailed film based analysis of the Madeleine McCann story, leaving the viewer with an understanding of the  comprehensive establishment led cover up, and offer suggestions as to what all the evidence really points to.

Running Time : Over 4 hours - Format : PAL 16:9, Region Free

BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA - The True Story of Madeleine McCann

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