• Almost Identified Flying Objects
Filmed in 2013, DVD PAL 16:9

Since the summer of 2010 to the present day, the Richplanet.net website has received 350 UFO reports from members of the public. This film is a summary of the findings from these reports after detailed analysis and cross examining of witnesses. One of the most common objects reported is the "silent black triangle", which many witnesses describe as, "the size of a football pitch". By scrutinising witness's descriptions and looking at what has been documented by other researchers in the past, we can create a fairly accurate picture of the phenomenon as a whole. This film will leave you in no doubt whatsoever that totally silent aerial vehicles, which seem to defy our current understanding of propulsion are traversing many areas of the UK, on a fairly regular basis and are not being flown from UK military bases. That's not to say these craft are military, the film takes an objective approach toward arguments for and against human origin, non human origin, or indeed a combined effort. If you are perplexed reading this summary and asking yourself, "why am I not aware of these craft?", it is because the presence of such vehicles is actively covered up by our intelligence agencies, and we present evidence in the film of this. The control of the mainstream media is a key component of the UFO cover up. You are wasting your time watching or reading any material put out by mainstream sources on this subject as they are all controlled from above, with the objective of playing down and marginalising one of the most important issues on planet earth. This documentary I believe brings us one step closer to the truth about UFOs, enabling us to change the word "unidentified" to "almost identified".

UFO illustration by David Sankey

Almost Identified Flying Objects

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