• John Hanson Interviews
4 DVD Box Set, PAL 4:3, Region Free

John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway are currently authoring a series of encyclopedias covering British UFO cases since 1940. This DVD box sets includes 4 interviews covering some of the cases.

In the first interview we look at a few cases from the first volume which includes testimony from James Salandin M.B.E.(an ex RAF pilot) who witnessed 3 UFOs in the 1950s. We also speak to Nigel Frapple who incredibly saw a landed UFO, again in the 1950s.

In the second interview we discuss some of the organisations from which John and Dawn have sourced some of their UFO research material, and also discuss cases from the 1960s.

The third interview covers cases from the third volume (1967 to 1968), when hundreds of people around the UK witnessed the "flying cross" UFO.

In the final interview we speak to two more witnesses via telephone. The incredible case of an ex police officer who witnessed a UFO hover over the water whilst fishing and we take a detailed look at electron microscope images of an alleged alien implant.

Haunted Skies is the most ambitious series of books ever attempted in the history of ufology, and will - no doubt - provide a new benchmark in the quality of such publications.

Approx Running Time : 210 minutes

John Hanson Interviews

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