• Corporatism: the Secret Government of the New World Order
By Jeffrey Grupp

Monopolistic mega-corporations control all basic resources and items that world citizens depend on for daily survival-not just food, resource-goods, or medicine, but also things like water, information, transportation, education, and even consciousness. The corporations are controlled by tiny numbers of unelected, militaristic, fascistic labor-lords who are outside of media attention. They exercise such absolute power that they will do anything -including obliterate and destroy the spirit and consciousness of citizens worldwide (including children). This book is an existential, empirical, economic, and psychological study of how corporations dominate the globe to the point that humanity worldwide is reduced to little more than a crushed, defeated mob of uneducated, brainwashed, and tormented beings - who are often tricked into believing they are free, as is the case with middle and upper class Americans. The corporatists secretly control the governments and major control agencies of the world: the UN, CIA, WTO, WHO, FDA, universities, the Federal Reserve, the world's militaries, farming, mass media, and religions - and that is just a partial list. Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order shows that this is the real underlying cause of all major human problems. Other issues that people imagine to be the root of humanity's problems (politicians, war, human nature, greed, religion, parents, schools, etc..), are just symptoms. In this book, Professor Grupp proves that the United States is a corporatist nation no different from the communist horror-states described in books such as Orwell's 1984. In the near future America may become a full-fledged prison nation that will ultimately merge into the corporatist global "prison planet" that Hitler was initially attempting to set up, and which is now called the New World Order.

Corporatism: the Secret Government of the New World Order

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