• Richplanet TV - Show 049 - RDH & Kevin West
DVD PAL 4:3, Region Free, Approximate Running Time: 55 minutes

Islamic Uprising, 7/7 bombings & "Beyond Knowledge II"

In the first two parts of the show Richard comments on the worldwide Ismalic uprising and the bias of western powers toward certain countries. Also in this show, new analysis of the Luton train station car park CCTV on the day of the 2005 London bombings. An unidentified Jaguar which is clearly part of "the plot" is seen parked in the same place on the day of the dummy run and on the day of the actual bombings. Who was driving this car? If we can find this out, it could reveal the truth about who set up the alleged bombers into the mock terror training exercise.

In Part 3, we are featuring an edited version of a film made by Kevin West Production, following the 2009 Beyond Knowledge II Conference in Liverpool.

Richplanet TV - Show 049 - RDH & Kevin West

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