• Richplanet TV - Show 040 - Roy Dutton
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Crop circle analysis, abduction

Roy Dutton has a very pragmatic approach to the crop circle mystery. He has applied mathematical techniques to explain how certain crop patterns are arrived at. One of the simplest patterns is often seen in small grape shot circles and has a very simple mathematical explanation. Roy has applied the same techniques to more complex circles and concludes that in certain crop circles, i.e. ones which are provably not made by stomping with planks of wood, an advanced piece of "line scanning" technology is being applied to create the patterns. Those that are skeptical of the crop circle phenomenon who believe all circles are made using planks of wood, are in fact victims of an MI5 sponsored psy-op campaign which gives money to the circlemakers to create hundreds of "man made" hoaxes, thus diverting attention away from the real unexplained phenomenon.

Richplanet TV - Show 040 - Roy Dutton

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