• Richplanet TV - Show 026 - Tom Arnet
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Origins of man, religion, Freemasonry

Author Tom Arnet has spent many years studying religious texts, historical information and scientific knowledge. He believes that mankind has interpreted some of the information to suit his own ends and therefore drawn incorrect conclusions about human origins. He has looked at the information as a whole, without a preconceived idea of human origins and gives us his theory on our beginnings. He has also invented a puzzle which could be the most difficult puzzle in the world to solve. Strangley the information about the puzzle came to him in a dream. Also in the dream were six symbols, which may or may not have a significant meaning. Having derived a theory on the origins of mankind, Tom put them together in the shape of a trilogy of novels, the first is entitled "Somnium".

Richplanet TV - Show 026 - Tom Arnet

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