• Richplanet TV - Show 021 - John Urwin
DVD PAL 4:3, Region Free, Approximate Running Time: 55 minutes

Covert 1950s assasination team & hidden technology

John Urwin was called up for national service in 1957 and was stationed in Cyprus. He was singled out to become part of a top secret assassination squad operating throughout the middle east. The techniques used to train this group used some kind of mind programming. John claims to have 4 days of missing time, during which specific skills were implanted into his subconcious brain. Stay wih the interview until the end as the revelations are in part 3. Just who was John Urwin actually working for? What was their ultimate goal? What was the "technology" he witnessed? Technology from the Pyramids? or perhaps alien technology?

Richplanet TV - Show 021 - John Urwin

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