• Richplanet TV - Show 191 - Fear & Subversion Agenda
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The Fear and Subversion Agenda

The new entity we are being programmed to fear is "ISIL" or "ISIS" or sometimes plain "IS". This brand new bogey man seemed to appear over night, armed to the teeth and sophisticated enough take over an area the size of Ireland. Does anyone actually believe that bandits and pirates who hide in caves could do this without massive funding and arms being supplied by somebody? It seems ISIL is just another false flag western funded terrorist group being used to justify takeover of more of the middle east. Are there any politicians who are not hypnotised by mainstream media? Richard tackles Dave Anderson MP on this issue. Also in this show we report on the phoney row being used to obscure Peppa Pig's subversive content. And finally Richard discusses evolution in schools with Tony Bennett.

Richplanet TV - Show 191 - Fear & Subversion Agenda

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