• Richplanet TV - Show 186 - Gary Heseltine & UFO Disinformation
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Gary Heseltine & UFO Disinformation

Back in May '14 I interviewed Gary Heseltine (again) and we spoke about one of the most fascinating UFO cases, the Colares sightings of the 1970's. Incredibly these sightings involved beams of light being fired down from structured craft which were damaging the skin of locals. It appeared that these "beams" were extracting blood from the locals. The Brazilian military became involved and allegedly have hours of film footage of these interactions which have never been released. The key Brazilian military whistleblower in the case died in mysterious circumstances shortly after making disclosures. Later in the show we discuss how practices of dis-information are used to cover up and muddle up information coming from UFO research. Gary continues to encourage people to subscribe to his magazine "UFO Truth Magazine", which had its second annual conference last week.

Richplanet TV - Show 186 - Gary Heseltine & UFO Disinformation

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