• Richplanet TV - Show 173 - Andrew Johnson, Comets & Catastrophes
DVD PAL 16:9, Region Free, Approximate Running Time: 75 minutes

Andrew Johnson, Comets & Catastrophes

Continuing the theme of exploration of space, Andrew Johnson gives his views on other celestial bodies in the solar system. Comets have been recorded throughout the ages and mystery still surrounds how they come to be. Evidence suggests scientists have ignored certain data about comets, primarily that comets are not made of ice. It seems, from evidence available, comets could be made of compounds which were once part of planets. Some researchers propose that celestial bodies such as comets have an electric charge. The role of electricity or charge in the formation of the universe is largely ignored by mainstream science, but might be fundamental to explaining the universe. Does it represent an undiscovered source of energy which could be tapped into? Does Planet X exist?, is a false flag event around the corner?

Richplanet TV - Show 173 - Andrew Johnson, Comets & Catastrophes

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