• Richplanet TV - Show 150 - Andrew Johnson, Life on Mars
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Evidence of life on Mars

When NASA admit that life does exists outside planet Earth, this is the thin end of a very large wedge. They discovered life on Mars in 1976 with the Viking mission and have discovered evidence of life in subsequent missions. NASA however have never officially admitted it discovered life, and continues to cover up indisputable evidence that life exists on Mars. When this becomes widely accepted as fact, Earth is then no longer the biological centre of anything, it is just a tiny colony among billions of others. Once this is accepted as fact, people will look to the Universe for the answer to the meaning of life, something which the holders of power are terrified of. Did our planet completely independently manifest life? or are we just part of a chain which started elsewhere? Darwinism is being pushed heavily in the mainstream, I wonder why?

Richplanet TV - Show 150 - Andrew Johnson, Life on Mars

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