• Richplanet TV - Show 145 - Andrew Johnson, Apollo Conspiracy
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Apollo moon missions, did they go to the moon?

Anyone who is convinced rockets got man to and from the surface of the moon should not dismiss today's show. There seem to be some glaring pieces of evidence which are beyond dispute that cast massive doubt over whether the Apollo technology actually landed on the lunar surface. That is not to say there may be a secret space programme using something other than rockets which has travelled much further. Are we to believe that the rocket technology developed from the 1940's is still the only thing capable of getting a vehicle into space? Were the Apollo and Space Shuttle programmes just something to put on public show while the elite continued anti-gravity development in secret? Mainstream documentaries on such issues do not present the best evidence and are not independently produced therefore cannot be trusted.

Richplanet TV - Show 145 - Andrew Johnson, Apollo Conspiracy

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