• Richplanet TV - Show 137 - Bill Maloney
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Institutional child abuse in the UK

Bill Maloney is known as the Cockney Irishman and is one of the UK's most prominent child abuse campaigners. He has confronted many politicians on this issue including Ed Balls, Harriett Harmon and Ken Livingstone. Bill draws a distinction between institutional child abuse and incestuous abuse. Institutional abuse is highly organised and includes politicians and other powerful individuals. The rings in which paedophiles operate are alleged to go right to the top and this activity is not just carried out for the "pleasure" of those involved, it is used as a tool to control people. As Bill Maloney states "Paedophilia can control world politics". The Saville "scandal" i.e., the outing of a dead corpse is probably no more than the establishment trying to limit knowledge of the real extent of paedophilia, and also limit what people can and cannot say by controlling the medias response to it.

Richplanet TV - Show 137 - Bill Maloney

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