• Richplanet TV - Show 121 - Jim Kelly
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MI5 framing an innocent man & used as a patsy

In 1997 Jim Kelly from Glasgow was told by his friend Christopher McGrory, "I am in trouble with MI5". A few months later his friend was found murdered in the back of his van. Jim Kelly himself was sectioned and placed in a mental hospital. The murder of McGrory (25) is still unsolved. Jim Kelly was held in Carstairs high security psychiatric "hospital" for 9 years for no reason. The two were Celtic supporters and it seems their association with the club may have been a factor in why MI5 targetted them to be set up as IRA patsies. The reason why MI5 may have framed them is staggering, but makes sense. Jim Kelly was in the wrong place at the wrong time, lost his wife, his family the best years of his life. There is no low MI5 will not stoop to in their murderous, illegal activities which escape investigation by the police and any real democratic scrutiny.

Richplanet TV - Show 121 - Jim Kelly

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