• Richplanet TV - Show 115 - Dan Sherman
DVD PAL 4:3, Region Free, Approximate Running Time: 55 minutes

Secret N.S.A. E.T. communication project

Dan Sherman signed up for the U.S. Air force in 1982. During his commission he worked at the N.S.A (National Security Agency) who run some of Americas most top secret projects. Their activities are believed by many to extend to the UFO and E.T. issue. After being given a high level security clearance Sherman was introduced to an "above black" project which involved communicating with extra terrestrials. The N.S.A. has been running this project since at least 1961, with initial contact being established in 1947. Incredibly the N.S.A. have been co-operating with E.T.s whilst the E.T.s abduct women to genetically manage their unborn children in order to heighten a specific ability in their offspring. Dan Sherman is one of the offspring. He is a key whistleblower and his revelations provide a huge piece of the E.T./UFO puzzle.

Richplanet TV - Show 115 - Dan Sherman

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