• Richplanet TV - Show 114 - Richard D. Hall
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Fake terror threats at the Olympic Games

As we approach the 2012 Olympic Games, not a day goes by without mainstream media putting out news items related to security and terrorism. When one puts this into the true context, which is that ALL major terrorist incidents since 9/11 have not been carried out by Islamic terrorists, and have been false flag events staged by western intelligence agencies, one must ask: What is the motive behind the pre Olympics propaganda? Many suggest the Olympics will be used to carry out a major false flag event resulting in the deaths of thousands. In today's show we look at possible subliminal newspaper headlines suggesting the royal family could be the target of a staged fake attack. In part 2 we speak to Sam and Jean Wright who run the Probe UK UFO Conference. Jean passed away in 2011. In part 3 we repeat the 2012 Exopolitics Conference review with Anthony Beckett.

Richplanet TV - Show 114 - Richard D. Hall

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