• Richplanet TV - Show 110 - Anthony Beckett
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Exopolitics 2012 Conferences, false flag Olympics

Nick Pope, the ex ministry of defence UFO man who continues to pedal government propoganda has released detailed statements about the possibilities of an alien invasion during the Olympics, just 11 months after he criticised Exopolitcs conference speakers, one of whom suggested a false flag event might be staged at the Olympics. His comments are laughable and based on no evidence. Of those who control this media shill, we should ask: What is the motivation behind this ridiculous news item? A blatant psy-op leading to a fake event? Or is it just a piece of mis-direction or piss taking? It seems Nick Pope is a media prostitute who has sold his soul to the criminals who control the government and the media. Anthony Beckett speaks about the up coming Exopolitcs events, from which Nick Pope has been banned from attending due to his disgraceful behaviour over the past year.

Richplanet TV - Show 110 - Anthony Beckett

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