• Richplanet TV - Show 099 - Neil Sanders
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Popular music, who is controlling it and why

It's easy to say that music doesn't affect people, but the subconcious effects of music go un-noticed. It's not so much what music is "making young people do" but more what music is making young people not do, "think politically" for example and I am not talking about political parties because political parties no longer talk about politics. The revolutionaries of music are either stifled, compromised or simply killed because those who really control this world know just how powerful and edifying the effects of music and music icons can be. There's no way they are going to leave the genre of music to talented musical people because it is far too much of a powerful mind influencing tool. You don't agree? Then answer this: why did the CIA create and control Vibe magazine? - answers on a postcard.

Richplanet TV - Show 099 - Neil Sanders

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