• Richplanet TV - Show 094 - Dr. Nick Kollerstrom
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The Falklands War and Censorship of it

Most people think the Falklands war was a simple matter of Britain fending off an illegal invasion of British territory. The truth of the matter is far murkier and it is likely that Margaret Thatcher broke international law by sinking The Belgrano, which was outside of the official exclusion zone and sailing away from the Falklands. The other interesting aspect of this geopolitical football is that America is suggesting Britain should negotiate with Argentina to hand the Islands to Argentina, which puts the British government in a sticky situation. As Nick says in the interview we need transparency and we need the truth uncovered before we can properly debate the issue. Certain facts remain censored about the events leading up to this war, which should be made public after 30 years which is sharp approaching.

Richplanet TV - Show 094 - Dr. Nick Kollerstrom

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