• Richplanet TV - Show 085 - Andrew Johnson
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Directed energy weapons and the 9/11 cover up

Over the last 6 years a battle has been waging unbeknown to most. The battle has been to find the scientific truth about what happened on the day of 9/11. It has been fought by academics within various groups from a number of disciplines. Accurate information is the basis of truth and in this interview Andrew Johnson who was involved with the academic groups from the start, exposes some of the operatives being used to distort information and keep the truth about 9/11 out of the public arena. Andrew is focused on finding and exposing the absolute truth, which on occasion is a battle, as some people find the truth too difficult to face. Andrew explains that effects on metals observed in "The Hutchison Effect" is similar to the directed energy weapon technology used to destroy the WTC towers described in Dr. Judy Woods book "Where Did The Towers Go".

Richplanet TV - Show 085 - Andrew Johnson

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