• Richplanet TV - Show 083 - Phil Atherton
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Monarchy, 2011, the media and smut

"The Poet in the Pub" who has been featured in several Richplanet shows during 2011 joins Richard for an informal discussion on various controversial subjects. Recently in the tabloids we saw Prince Harry "on the razz" with David Beckham. And the very important news that Kate Piddleton chose a "mulled-wine" coloured hat and coat to wear on Christmas day. I'm glad they told us that. What a load of bollocks, the mainstream media in general sucks up to an institution whose constitution is by definition racist. But as long as our media continues to brainwash the public about "royalty" they will continue with their un-deserverd privileges and positions. They need to be phased out now. I have challenged the system of Morachy in previous shows and guess what? I have not had one single email or letter with a contrary view!

Richplanet TV - Show 083 - Phil Atherton

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