• Richplanet TV - Show 070 - Anthony John Hill
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The Stone of Destiny, The Monarchy

English monarchs throughout history have been coronated sitting on top of a large stone known as the coronation stone. This stone is called various other names including The Stone of Destiny, The Stone of Scone, Jacobs Pillar, and the stone of Bethel. The stone has been used throughout history by various civilizations on which to crown their monarchs. It is spoken about in the Bible and is known as Jacobs pillar. This is a very early part of the Bible and dates back to around 2000 B.C. Amazingly the stone was stolen from Westminster Abbey in 1950, and a fake one returned a few months later. This fact leads to questions about the legitimacy of the current English monarch Elizabeth. Does the fact she was coronated on a fake stone mean she is not the Queen?

Richplanet TV - Show 070 - Anthony John Hill

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