• Richplanet TV - Show 061 - Dave Hodrien
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Abduction/Contact cases reported to Richplanet

Last week the Chairman of Birmingham UFO Group, Dave Hodrien joined Richard to discuss UFO sightings which have been reported over the last year. In this weeks show they discuss some of the many contact cases which have also been reported. It seems that the contact experiences are genuine, but the "perpetrators" have technology or techniques superior to our own which enables them to remain largely undetected. However, physical evidence such as body marks and implants point to a covert abduction programme on an unimaginable scale being carried out on a day to day basis here on Earth. Richard and David also discuss the possible motives for such a programme. We have had many more cases of both UFO sightings and contact cases since these shows aired.

Richplanet TV - Show 061 - Dave Hodrien

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