• Richplanet TV - Show 060 - Dave Hodrien
DVD PAL 4:3, Region Free, Approximate Running Time: 55 minutes

UFO cases reported to Richplanet.net & BUFOG

Over the past year Richplanet.net and Birmingham UFO Group have been collaborating with the collection of UFO sighting and contact reports. Dave Hodrien, who is chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group has been examining over 100 cases reported. Clearly some turn out to have mundane explanations, but by no means all. In addition to UFO sightings, Dave has also investigated alleged contact cases which will be discussed on next weeks show. With the MOD closing its UFO reporting desk, we have filled the gap and are probably investigating the cases more thoroughly than the MOD did! Dave is highly objective in his analysis and in this show highlights some of the more interesting cases.

Richplanet TV - Show 060 - Dave Hodrien

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